Vision of the TIFF:

1. To advocate for student and independent filmmakers.
2. To provide a quality competition and festival, both for filmmakers and the local community.
3. To bring filmmaking back to southern Utah by raising awareness of the area.

Mission Statement

1A. Educate filmmakers about resources and techniques through discussion groups, seminars and workshops - future plans include a career fair and tech expo.
1B. Provide mentoring with established filmmakers and actors.

2A. Competition is designed with divisions and categories for fair judging.
2B. Competition fees are designed to be affordable.
2C. Three separate competitions: Thunderbird (main), High School and Screenplay
2D. Festival emphasis is "family friendly with allowance for cultural differences" because this is a niche in the festival industry and reflects the local community culture.

3A. Schedule of festival allows time for ground/aerial tours and extended packages with Zion hikes.
3B. When community hospitality and our beautiful location are experienced, filmmakers will begin to consider our area for future film locations.